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Unión Europea

EU budget

The EU budget comprises all the income and expenditure of the Union except that relating to the European Development Fund (EDF) and the bodies set up by the European Union that have legal status (Agencies and others). It specifies all the income needed to finance its operations, as the EU is not authorized to have recourse to borrowing; its size is limited to the 1.23% of the EU Gross National Income (as of 2010 the GNI used for purposes of the European Union budget and its own resources include financial intermediation services indirectly measured - FISIM; as a result of this the ceiling has been lowered from the 1.24% of the previous GNI to 1.23%) and it allocates the bulk of its resources to funding structural and agricultural policies.

The provisions relating to the EU budget and to its adoption procedure are set down in the Treaty of the European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, amended by the Treaty of Lisbon, in the Financial Regulation, in the Multi-annual Financial Framework Regulation specified in the Treaty of Lisbon, and in an Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA), between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

Principios presupuestarios (pdf)