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Spanish contribution to the European Development Fund

The EDF is the primary instrument for Community assistance to development cooperation to ACP States (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT). The 1957 Treaty of Rome planned its creation to grant technical and financial assistance, in principle, to African countries, which at that time were still colonies and which some States had historical links with.

EDFs are arranged for a period of roughly five years. Since the first partnership agreement was arranged in 1964, EDF cycles have generally followed the partnership agreements.

The eleventh EDF has been established in 2013 as a result of the agreement signed in Brussels between the representatives of the governments of the member States of the European Union. Its Multiannual Financial Framework covers the period 2014-2020..

The activity carried out by the EDF constitutes an exception to the budgetary unity of the EU Budget, as it is not included therein. The contributions of the Member States are determined by Council decision.

Concerning the share percentages established in the eleventh EDF for each member State, Spain is increasing its share of the eleventh EDF from 7.85 per cent to 7.93 per cent.