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European Funds: period 2000-2006

In the negotiation of the Financial Perspectives 2000-2006, carried on at the Council of Berlin (1999), the structural measures adopted included an indicative allocation amongst states of the funds assigned to this category (€258,656 million of 1999). For this item Spain is going to receive 26.53% of the total funds in the whole programming period.

In order to absorb this aid, with respect to Structural Funds, all member-states must proceed to establish a multi-annual programming for said period, and also establish the regulations regarding their management, their certification to Brussels and the controls to which said spending should be submitted. Likewise, the mechanisms should be prepared to perform an evaluation of the impact of these funds on the principle macroeconomic variables of the country and each of the regions where the funds are applied.

With respect to the Cohesion Fund, management takes place project by project. However, at the start of programming regulations should also be established regarding its management, in the form of certification of spending to the Commission, as well as the necessary controls on the expenditure.