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The Committee of the Coordination of Funds is a standing committee of the European Commission. Its function is to discuss subjects relating to the application of regulations governing Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. Its meetings are usually monthly; they are chaired by the European Commission and attended by officials from Member States.

COCOF has been replaced by COESIF and EGESIF.

COESIF: Coordination Committee for European Structural and Investment Funds.This is the place where the Implementation Orders issued by the Committee through consultative or examination procedures are discussed.

EGESIF: Group of experts in Structural and Investment Funds.Delegated acts, guidelines and other documents presented by the Commission for information are dealt with here. The European Parliament can take part in meetings of the EGESIF.


 To use the COCOF-COESIF-EGESIF service you need to be registered as a user. If you are already registered as a user you can access this service by entering your credentials via the following access to COCOF-COESIF-EGESIF. Identification will be made by means of username and password.

 If you are not registered, you should fill out the relevant electronic form, available at the Internet Portal (Virtual Office) of the Budgetary Administration, in the item "Application for access to the systems" (Management of access to the Budgetary Administration Information Systems).

Those users resident in a country of the European Union other than Spain should send their application for access to the following e-mail address: Cocof@sepg.hacienda.gob.es

COCOF-COESIF-EGESIF public documents: