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Browsing Guide

How to navegate the Online Portal of the General Directorage of Community Funds. https://www.dgfc.sepg.hacienda.gob.es

The Directorate General of European Funds website has over 600 pages and links to more than a thousand files relating to the subject-matter dealt with on the website: Community and Spanish regional policy.

In order to facilitate use of the website, a contents structure and browsing system have been designed based on a logical organization of the website subject-matter blocks. This logical system is explained briefly in order to configure a short browsing guide for those accessing this site for the first time.

Main page

The higher-ranking bodies of the Directorate General of European Funds in the sphere of the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration are identified in the header. The accesses to the versions of the portal in the different official languages of Spain, in addition to English and French, are also located in this area, as is the European Union logotype.

Access is also offered to the map of the portal, to e-mail addresses to answer user enquiries regarding the contents published, as well as the organization chart of this Directorate General and the respective contents search engine.

The central body, upper area, is structured into four main channels:

The middle area of the central body of the main theme of this portal

"A way of shaping Europe"

In the rest of the central body icons and links offer a variety of information explaining and specifying the features and functions of this organ of the Administration.

In addition, the right-hand margin contains references and descriptions of the latest news items connected with the specific contents of the Directorate General.

Links are offered at the bottom of this central body to some institutional campaigns of the General State Administration and a presentation video.

Lastly, the page footer offers information referring to the Legal Warning, Browsing Guide, accessibility, latest page updating date, and level of compliance with certain Internet standards.

Intermediate pages

On passing from the main to the secondary pages, we observe that the left-hand side offers the browsing menu, where the respective structure is shown and the main channels appear.

The website pages are organized in three main areas: left-hand main menu (content type), upper area (for the title of the page and its features) and central area (as a container of information).

The left-hand menu contains the main branches of the website browsing tree, up to the third level of disaggregation. The input ports are the content type (i.e. Home > Regional Policy and its instruments > Other regional policy instruments > Inter-Regional Compensation Fund).

The middle area of each page is the main container of information (graphic, text, internal links or file downloading area). This area also contains the menu breakdowns below third level and the information itself. When considered appropriate for purposes of the kind of information provided, a territorial presentation of the information is included. From a map of Spain access is gained to a territorial synthesis, with a breakdown of autonomous communities and cities, with relation to the information in question.

On accessing some pages, we may find that access is restricted to previously registered persons with a "User Name" and "Password". These pages contain sufficient information to request these access credentials, which will allow you to access the restricted information.

The page title and the browsing route chosen, which is referred to later, appears at the top of this middle area. On the right, three links appear on most pages:

These links give you access to the particular contents relating to the contents of the page you are on.

General aspects of the pages

Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda. Secretaria de Estado de Hacienda y Presupuestos.Secretaria General de Presupuestos y Gastos. Direccion General de Fondos Comunitarios 

The portal page headers show the official logo of the Government, the Ministry, the hierarchy on which the Directorate General of European Funds depends, the language options, the web search engine and several auxiliary menus.

Map | Contacts | Organization Chart

From the institutional emblem of the Ministry of the Treasury and the Civil Service, you can connect to the Minstry Portal, and from the logo of the General Directorate of European Funds you can return to the home page of this portal.

At the foot of the page, the supplementary menu area gives information on the Legal Warning, Browsing Guide, accessibility, last update of each page, and level of compliance with certain Internet standards.

How do we know where we are?

The heading at the top of the central frame of the browsing pages contains the channel, subchannel and theme of the contents where we are situated.

Home > Regional Policy and its instruments > Other regional policy instruments

We can also see where we are at any time by way of the link to the Map, situated in the header area of each page.

How do you change language?

A number of contents of the Directorate General of European Funds Portal is available in other languages. You may browse using the official languages of Spain (Castilian Spanish, Catalan/Valencian, Euskera and Galician) and in two foreign languages (English and French). The language option menu is located in the home page header of the portal and the main channels.

Bienvenido | Benvingut | Ongi etorri | Benvido | Welcome | Bienvenue

To view the portal in a language other than Spanish (the default language), select the word "Welcome" in the language you require.

Printing contents

To print the contents of any page, click on the icon or link

imagen impresora Printable version

Website access for disabled people and for other browsers

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