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Inter-regional Compensation Funds (ICFs)

The Spanish Constitution states what will constitute a Compensation Fund to try to correct inter-territorial economic imbalances and put into practice the principle of solidarity. Consequently, in 1980 the Inter-territorial Compensation Fund was created.

In a first stage from 1984 to 1990 all Autonomous Regions were beneficiaries and the resources were used not only to promote development in the most disadvantaged regions but also to make new investments in services transferred by the State. In a second stage from 1990 to 2001, not all Autonomous Regions were beneficiaries, but only the most disadvantaged regions, that is Objective 1 Regions, making internal regional policy coherent with that linked to European Funds. In a third stage, parting from the new system of financing of autonomous regions in 2001, the FCI is broken down into two funds:Compensation Fund and Complementary Fund.

Map of Transfers