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The cohesion policy is the European Union's main investment policy. It benefits all regions and cities of the Union and promotes economic growth, job creation, business competitiveness, sustainable development and environmental protection.

The European Union supports the achievement of these objectives through the use of the European Structural and Investment Funds (the ESF, the ERDF, the Cohesion Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)) and, from 2021, the Just Transition Fund (FTJ). These funds are distributed among all EU countries on the basis of criteria and objectives set out in the different Multiannual Financial Frameworks.

Since Spain joined the EU in 1986, the Directorate General for European Funds has been the authority responsible for Spain's budgetary relations with the EU and for the management of European funds. This website offers information on all the European funds managed in Spain, through the different administrations, as well as information related to the different periods (multiannual frameworks), main novelties and Spain's communication obligations before the EU in terms of European funds.

The competencies attributed to the Directorate General for European Funds are as follows:
  • Negotiation with the European Commission on matters related to European funds.
  • Coordination of the Territorial Administrations and the other ministerial departments responsible for the programmes, monitoring and evaluation of the Structural Funds.
  • The preparation of studies and coordination of the evaluation of programmes financed by the European Structural Funds.
  • The analysis, selection and monitoring of projects to be financed from the resources of the Inter-territorial Compensation Fund.
  • The proposal for payments from the European Regional Development Fund to the final beneficiaries thereof.

La Dirección General de Fondos Europeos is divided into the following sub-directorates:

  • La Subdirección General de Relaciones Presupuestarias con la Unión Europea. Subdirectora General: Inmaculada Sanz Sanz
  • La Subdirección General de Programación y Evaluación de Fondos Europeos. Subdirectora General: Cristina Rehberger Bescós
  • La Subdirección General de Desarrollo Urbano. Subdirectora General: María Eugenia Bellver Moreira
  • La Subdirección General de Gestión del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional. Subdirector General: Anatolio Alonso Pardo
  • La Subdirección General de Cooperación Territorial Europea. Subdirectora General: María del Carmen Hernández Martín
  • La Subdirección General de Incentivos Regionales. Subdirector General: Carlos José Ortega Camilo
  • La Subdirección General de Inspección y Control. Subdirector General: Blas Javier López Carrión
  • La Subdirección General de Certificación y Pagos. Subdirector General: Jerónimo Ríos Boeta

La Directora General de Fondos Europeos es Esperanza Samblás Quintana


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