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Unión Europea

Core resources

Own resources are:

  • Traditional Own Resources. TORs are really Community taxes resulting from the application of common policies. They are composed of customs duties and levies on sugar and isoglucose. They represent approximately 15% of total revenues financing the EU.
  • VAT Resource. This is the result of applying a given percentage to the VAT base calculated in a harmonized manner in all Member States. For each Member State, the VAT base has a ceiling set at the amount of 50% of its Gross National Income. Since 2007 the rate has been 0.3%, except for Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, where there is a reduced rate of 0.15%. These contributions represent 12% of total revenues of the Union.
  • GNI Resource. The total GNI (Gross National Income) resource is determined as the difference between total Community expenditure and the rest of the resources. The part that each country has to pay is calculated in accordance with the percentage of its GNI in relation to Community GNI. The GNI resource balances income and expenditure and represents around 73% of EU revenues.