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I.T.I Jaen

The ITI is an instrument to support a set of integrated actions in a given geographical area in order to respond to the area's specific needs or challenges.

Jaén’s ITI objective may be stated as ‘to contribute towards mitigating the weaknesses and challenges identified in the province of Jaén through co-financed investments with the European Structural and Investment Funds (EIE Funds: ERDF, ESF and EAFRD) in Jaén”.

Jaén's ITI will:.

  • Promote the socio-economic development of the province through an integrated and cross-cutting approach between the EIE Funds, combining efforts between different funds, programmes and administrations.
  • Provide visibility to co-financed investments in Jaén, enabling the monitoring of progress and results achieved at the provincial level that would otherwise not be visible as a regional policy.
  • Contribute to attracting private sector investment and activity to the Jaén economy and thus revitalise the region.