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Communication networks

All the actors involved in the programming and management of European Funds have understood the interest in establishing communications networks in the areas for which they are responsible. In Spain, all the Administrations involved in the programming and management of EDRF, ESF funding have started up the GERIP (the Spanish Group of Information and Publicity Managers) Network; the EDRF and Cohesion Fund Managing Authorities have also created the GRECO-AGE (Group of Communication Managers in the Spanish General State Administration) network, with all the Managing Authorities of these Funds from the Spanish Administration. To this is also added the people responsible for the Local Entities that receive European Funds to manage a number of activities that lie within their scope of responsibility. Finally, the Directorate General for Regional Policy - D.G. REGIO - of the European Commission has set up the INFORM network, with all the communication officers and coordinators of all member states.

The establishment of these groups of communication officers is intended to guarantee joint lines of action in this area, to promote the exchange of good practices and experiences in the field of information and publicity among all the participants​​.