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The Framework Programme is the main Community initiative to promote and support R&D in the European Union. Its main objective is to improve competitiveness by financing research, technological development, demonstration and innovation activities in transnational collaboration between companies and research institutions belonging to the countries of the European Union and Associated States as well as third countries.

In addition to the above, it provides financial support for the improvement and coordination of European research infrastructures, the promotion and training of research personnel, basic research and, especially since FP7 (Framework Programme), the coordination of national R&D programmes and the implementation of European Technology Platforms (ETPs), designed to promote strategic research agendas in key sectors with the participation of all the actors involved. In the wake of the ETPs, national platforms are being promoted at the national level.

Horizon Europe, on the other hand, is the European Union (EU) framework programme for research and innovation (R&I) for the period 2021-2027. The Horizon Europe Programme, like its predecessor Horizon 2020, will be the key instrument for implementing EU R&D&I policies. The overall objective of the programme is to achieve a scientific, technological, economic and societal impact of EU investments in R&I, thereby strengthening its scientific and technological bases and fostering the competitiveness of all Member States (MS).

EUR 95.517 billion (in current prices) for the seven-year period, Horizon Europe will be the biggest Framework Programme to date, with the potential to generate significant economic, social and scientific benefits. Horizon Europe is estimated to generate 11 euros in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) gain for every euro invested, create up to 320,000 new highly skilled jobs by 2040 and consolidate Europe's leadership in Research and Innovation. The Programme is designed with an investment mentality rather than as a purely funding instrument, and will include planning to help the EU make the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future.

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