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The overall objective of the instrument is to contribute to a high level of security in the European Union while facilitating legitimate travel by ensuring effective management of the Union's external borders and efficient visa processing for the Schengen area (a borderless area covering 22 EU and four associated countries): Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

It aims to support:

  • a. the common visa policy to make travel for legitimate reasons easier, ensuring a high quality of service for visa applicants and equal treatment of nationals from outside this borderless area, as well as tackling illegal migration.
  • b. integrated border management, including the use of common standards and the exchange of information between Schengen countries and with the European Border and Coast Guard (usually referred to as Frontex) to ensure the following.
  • c. a high level of control and protection of external borders.
  • d. the smooth crossing of external borders in accordance with the Schengen acquis, and access to international protection for those who need it.

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