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The EMFF is the name of the fund for EU maritime and fisheries policies proposed for the 2014-2020 period. The guiding principles of this Fund are to assist fishermen in the transition to sustainable fisheries, to help coastal communities diversify their economies and to finance projects to create jobs and improve the quality of life on Europe's coasts, as well as to facilitate access to finance. The EMFF also sets as a horizontal axis the objectives set by the Europe 2020 Strategy, which include smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as the harmonious development of the Union.

In addition, the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) has recently been established, which calls on Member States to invest to make the fisheries and aquaculture sectors more competitive and to develop a sustainable blue economy, as well as new markets and technologies. Protecting and restoring biodiversity are also among the priorities. At least 15% of national budget allocations should be devoted to actions to boost fisheries control and data collection, and to combat illegal and irregular fishing.

To encourage the employment of young people in fishing communities, where the average age of workers is over 50, the new Fund may finance the purchase of the first boat, or partial ownership (at least 33%) for those under 40 with at least five years' experience, or an equivalent qualification.

Other relevant aspects:

  • a. fishermen who temporarily stop fishing for conservation reasons shall receive compensation;
  • b. those who have to scrap their ship due to permanent cessation of activity will also be supported;
  • c. funding for the purchase of equipment necessary to comply with European rules on landings and fisheries controls  such as vessel tracking or catch reporting devices.

Actions under the Fund shall not lead to an increase in fishing capacity, unless it results directly from the increase in gross tonnage necessary to improve safety, working conditions or energy efficiency.

For more information about the Fondo Europeo Marítimo y de Pesca (FEMP):