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Structure and Functions

The Secretariat General for European Funds is the management body responsible for the direction, promotion and coordination of the competencies attributed to the Ministry of Finance in relation to the definition of the Spanish position in the negotiations for the approval and revision of the successive Multiannual Financial Frameworks of the European Union, the design, planning, coordination and monitoring of actions related to European funds and their financing and budgetary relations with the European Union, the Cohesion Policy and regional economic policy, the regional incentives policy, the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Secretary General for European Funds is Mercedes Caballero Fernández.

The Secretariat General, which has the rank of sub-secretariat, is further divided into two Directorates General:

The Directorate General for European Funds, whose head is Esperanza Teba Samblás Quintana.

La The Directorate General for the Facility Plan and the Recovery and Resilience Plan, whose head is Jorge Fabra Portela.

For further information you can consult the Royal Decree on the structure of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service

Estructura y Funciones Unión Europea