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CoFFEE Information System

AVISO IMPORTANTE: El sistema de información CoFFEE está disponible para Comunidades Autónomas y Entidades Locales. Se recuerda que, según se indica en la metodología de gestión de hitos y objetivos, los gestores podrán solicitar el acceso a sus subproyectos una vez éstos hayan sido creados.

User Support Centre

For any queries about the CoFFEE system, a User Support Centre is available offering telephone, web and email support.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Contact telephone number: 910 001 142

Website (help documentation and support request registration): https://soportesgffee.zendesk.com/

Email enquiries: soporte@soportesgffee.zendesk.com

Acceso a la aplicación CoFFEE: https://webpub2.igae.hacienda.gob.es/accesoremoto/frmExecApp.aspx?code=COFFEE&TA=ANO


CoFFEE information system

CoFFEE-MRR (Common FFFEE Platform - European Funds - Recovery and Resilience Facility module) is the management information system of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP).

The Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM) is a results-based instrument that disburses funds based on the achievement of milestones and targets set for the Reforms and Investments that make up the RTRP.

CoFFEE-MRR is primarily a manager of the achievement of the milestones and targets set out in the RTRP. This information system will concentrate all the information generated by the different ministries, autonomous communities, city councils, public companies, etc., in the management processes of the initiatives derived from the National Plan.

The Plan, approved in the Council Implementing Decision (CID) on 13 July 2021, consists of 30 components structured into 212 Measures (102 Reforms and 110 Investments) for which Spain is committed to meeting 220 milestones and 196 objectives.

Planning of activities in CoFFEE

As mentioned above, the Plan is structured into components (30), measures (212) and milestones and objectives (416). Based on this basic structure, already defined and agreed with the European Commission, the different public administrations that will execute the Plan will have to break down its measures into projects, sub-projects and actions, drawing up a detailed plan of the activities to be carried out in order to achieve and attain the milestones and objectives set out in the RTRP.

On 30 September 2021, the two Ministerial Orders comprising the information and fund management system of the Recovery Plan were approved, detailing the different elements of this plan, as well as the obligations to provide information.

Milestones and Objectives Management Methodology

The Recovery and Resilience Mechanism is a results-based instrument that disburses funds based on the achievement of the milestones and targets established for the Reforms and Investments that make up the PRTR. Use the following link to access the Milestones and Objectives Management Methodology:

Milestones and Objectives Management Methodology (actualizada el 06/02/2023)

Monitoring of milestones and objectives

A fundamental part of the management of the different accredited users in the application will be to carry out precise and constant monitoring of the fulfilment of the milestones and objectives assigned to them.

The application will store all the necessary information, either by automated mechanisms or manually, to manage compliance with the milestones and objectives, as well as verification mechanisms provided to allow the IGAE and EU auditors to control the adequate compliance with these milestones and objectives, which are key factors for Spain to obtain the economic funds associated with the RTRP every six months.

Management Reports

The application will also automatically generate the different management reports for each measure and component, which must be electronically signed by those responsible for each of them.

Green labelling and digital labelling

One of the main contributions of the CoFFEE system is the automated control of the investments made during the implementation of the Plan. This will facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of compliance with the green and digital labelling commitment. CoFFEE incorporates functionalities that make it possible to determine the contribution of the different projects and sub-projects to the objective set in the DIC.

The national plan stipulates that 39.7% and 28.2% of total investments made should be associated with environmental and digital actions, respectively.

Access to the CoFFEE application

Access to this application is secure and restricted; only those users who have been appropriately appointed and registered in the system by the heads of the public administrations involved will have access to it.

The link to this application is as follows:

By accessing this address you will be asked for your credentials:

Due to the security level of this application, the user must provide either an electronic certificate supported by @firma, or use their Cl@ve system credentials (permanent cl@ve access is required, reinforced with a one-time password sent to the user's mobile phone).

Once the user has correctly identified himself/herself, a specific application portal will appear, showing the CoFFEE-MRR application icon:


By clicking on the CoFFEE icon, the user enters the RTRP management application. The first time we log in to the system, we must accept its terms of use. To do this, a pop-up window will appear with a message indicating that you will be redirected to the signature platform to sign the Terms of Use document, and that you will not be able to continue until this process has been completed. When you click on “continue”, the document with the CoFFEE terms of use is displayed; on this screen you must tick the option “I declare that the data to be signed are true and I confirm my willingness to sign” and then click on the “Sign” button. By clicking on sign, a non-cryptographic signature is made based on the identification; the system asks for identification again, and this identification is stored in order to sign the terms of use using the data of this electronic identification.

In case of any problems in accepting the terms of use, an alternative system has been made available. You can download and electronically sign the document linked below and send it to the User Service Centre, which will incorporate it into the system and allow access to the CoFFEE system:


Once these conditions of use have been signed, access will be given to the main menu of the application.


The image shows the interface of version 1.7 of the application.

Vemos en el bloque del módulo “Planificación y Gestión”, el acceso para poder realizar la definición de Proyectos y Subproyectos del Plan.

CoFFEE System Help Manual

Manual CoFFEE-MRR.  Online manual, constantly updated, whenever there are any changes in the application.

Formulario electrónico para la gestión de altas, bajas y modificaciones de usuarios de CoFFEE-MRR

Formulario de gestión de usuarios de CoFFEE-MRR (Excel)  Ultima actualización (incluye cambios gestión de usuarios): 1/2/2022

Automated integration

CoFFEE-RRM will exchange information with different systems and databases of different public administrations.

In order to ensure that the implementation of the RTRP respects the limits established in relation to State aid and the prevention of double funding, the application will maintain automated connections in order to exchange information with the following systems:

This will make it possible to automate and therefore speed up the heavy workload involved in the execution of RTRP projects, sub-projects and actions.

CoFFEE will also act as a supplier of information for a series of Spanish public administration portals that need to exploit the information generated in CoFFEE. These include the Moncloa Recovery Plan Portal and the General Access Point of the General State Administration.

Procedure and format of the accounting information

The format and procedure for submitting information on the implementation of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for 2020 has recently been published. Pursuant to the First Transitional Provision, Order HFP/1031/2021, of 29 September (BOE [Official State Bulletin] of 30 September 2021), which establishes the procedure and format of the information to be provided by the State, Autonomous Community and Local Public Sector Entities for monitoring compliance with milestones and objectives and budget execution and accounting of the measures of the components of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the following technical note was published to specify the procedure and format of the accounting information to be provided for the Components that have been executed in the period between 1 February and 31 December 2020.

FAQs about the Exchange API

The Budgetary Information Technology is updating a page on the Budget Administration Portal with FAQs related to the automated exchange API developed for CoFFEE-MRR.

Latest update

To date, the CoFFEE-MRR system is only available to the staff of the eleven Ministries involved in the first payment request, submitted on 11 November. This version has a reduced functionality and is limited to the processing needs of this first payment claim.

Since mid-January, access has begun to be granted gradually, starting with the definition of projects linked to milestones and objectives of the second payment request and, since February 2022, access has been granted to all first-level projects (ministries and general government entities); this access has been granted exclusively to those persons who have been designated by the Under-secretariats of the ministerial departments that act as the plan’s decision-makers. Currently, project and sub-project definition, action planning and limited functionality for performance reporting and progress indicators are offered. No spontaneous application for access to the system will be accepted and for the moment only those users who appear in the signed lists sent by the Under-secretariats to the Secretariat General for European Funds will be included in that system.

Once the designated project managers have completed the cycle of co-validation (carried out by the person responsible for the measure) and co-review (formal review by the General Secretariat of European Funds) of the projects, the users of their dependent sub-projects (ministries, General Government bodies, Autonomous Regions and local authorities) will be gradually created and given access to the system. Access will be hierarchical, by means of a procedure in which each project manager will coordinate with those responsible for the corresponding sub-projects to pre-authorise new users in the CoFFE system.

Uploading of accounting information

In relation to the uploading of accounting information relating to the period from 1 February to 31 December 2020 to be submitted by the implementing entities responsible for each Component in that period (see technical note), this will be done through an automated interface, for which an authorisation for "machine-to-machine" connection must be requested, which is different from the end-user authorisation.

This interface is specified on the following linked page of the virtual office of the Budget Administration Portal.

The Budgetary Information Technologyt is updating a page on the Budget Administration Portal with FAQs related to the automated exchange API developed for CoFFEE-MRR. En esta página de preguntas frecuentes se indica que el sistema de intercambio automatizado aún no está operativo, está previsto que se ponga en marcha en la primera quincena de febrero 2022, se anunciará en la misma página.